Community Powered

Airbana is built by the Airsoft community; Retailers, Skirmish site Operators and Skirmishers alike!

Over 800 people a day visit an Airbana Maps website to find a site, add an event here, a new skirmish site there or write a review.

Totally Free

There is no cost to add your Retail location or Skirmish site to Airbana.

As a matter of fact there isn't a single thing on an Airbana site you have to pay for. It's all provided for free to help make the sport better!

Powerful Features

From live weather reporting, inline youtube videos, up to date pricing to Android applications Airbana aims to be at the forefront of web technology.

Soon you will be able to receive notifications about upcoming events near you, new sites or Retailer special offers by Email or SMS for free!

Find Airsoft Retailers, Skirmish Sites and Events from all over the World!

Site Boundaries

Once zoomed in close enough Airbana will automatically draw out the boundaries of a Skirmish site. If it's wrong you can correct it.

Site Prices

Skirmish and Retail sites alike can list an unlimited number of feature prices so Skirmishers know how much they need to spend for consumables, walk on etc.

Community Feedback

Airbana is active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc and I can always be reached via email at;

Event Dates

As a Skirmish Site Operator you can add an entire years worth of events in just a few clicks with our Event Duplication system.

Open Data

The Airbana database is available for open use via it's specialised API under a Creative Commons License.

Mobile Apps

We've invested heavily in bringing accurate Airsoft Maps information to the Android market and soon to iPhone too!

What you can do

We rely on members of the Airsoft community to ensure that the Maps are up to date with the latest events, contact details and newest Skirmish sites.


What we'll do

Using the best technology available we'll make sure that the information you provide to us benefits the sport as a whole.

  • The most accurate World Airsoft Map
  • Safe and Secure
  • Social Media Aware
  • Free for everyone!
  • Fast and up to date
  • Recent Entries

    The Airbana Airsoft Maps are updated everyday by people from all over the world!

    Check out the latest additions:

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    is a Skirmish site.


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    is a Retailers site.


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